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Green plants and tea: turn your workspace into a spa environment


Worksheet for spa presentation (PDF)



What is gratitude

From Harvard: on gratitude

From Fast Company: Why Happy Employees Are 12% More Productive

New study shows we work harder when we are happy

Cultivate gratitude at work

Gratitude increases your productivity

Jack Kornfield

Gratitude vs. materialism (PDF)


Office and desk ideas

From the Washington Post: How offices have changed

How your desk should be organized

15 office tricks to increase productivity

Items to have at your desk


Perfect workspace according to science

Workspace Inspiration

Quiz from HGTV: Find your design style

Inspiring workspaces of the famously creative

Inspirational workspaces

Apartment Therapy

Sophisticated, fun office

Stretching Video

Simple Stretches for Office Workers/

How To Create A Stress-Free Work Environment

Music and sound

Best sounds for getting work done

Items to have at your desk 

Getting the spa mindset

Importance of being an optimist at work

Getting a sense of control; help with difficult events

Stress Management: Simple Tips to Get Stress in Check and Regain Control of Your Life 

How to be optimist

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