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I speak on the connection between creativity and spirituality to community and church groups, women's retreats, leadership seminars and conference participants. My books include "60-Second Sanctuary: Become more creative in the next 40 days" and "Creative Women's Devotional: 28 reflections for Christian knitters & crocheters."

At Mizzou, I earned my master's degree in education: information science and learning technologies.

As a professional communicator in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) at Mizzou, I oversee content on websites that reach a 100,000+ audience. I grew our social media presence to 4,500+ followers in Facebook and 4,000+ on Twitter. I craft messages and execute campaigns for social media, tailoring them for the audience and goals.

As a current Toastmaster's member, I credit my local Downtown Toastmasters club with strengthening my public speaking abilities since I joined in 2012. If you're in the Columbia, Missouri, area, I invite you to visit our Thursday lunch meeting as a guest.


Professional Experience

Web & Social Media Strategist, 2014-present

University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Title changed from Senior Multimedia Specialist, 2011-2014
Promoted from I-Net Administrator-Specialist, 2007-2011
Promoted from I-Net Administrator-Entry, 2006-2007

Working as part of the CAFNR Marketing and Communications Team, I develop content strategy and plans for the college websites and social media accounts. I keep the sites up-to-date so they remain relevant and meaningful. I implement the tactics from college-wide initiatives and the strategic plan. I evaluate the impact of our communications efforts and make recommendations based on research, past performance, best practices and emerging trends. Acting as a consultant for communicators in the divisions, I offer training and brainstorming.


Key Responsibilities

Instructor, 2010-2014

University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources


Master's degree in Education
Focus on Educational Technology: Learning Systems Design & Development, University of Missouri. Final GPA 4.0/4.0, May 2008.

Bachelor of Arts in Language Studies
Emphasis in French, University of California-Santa Cruz, 1992.


Awards and Certificates

Service and Volunteer Work

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